Individualism and Gratitude in Higher Education 

Higher education can seem somewhat individualistic. I remember one academic comparing teaching to an egg box – where we are all connected but work in individual silos. The mass individualism which may settle in some departments and schools can corrupt the culture and environment of a sector which must influence and educate.

I reflect on, but also contradict this. Recently I was preparing work and the help I received from colleagues, mentors, collaborators and friends was immense. I dearly appreciate and feel honoured to have engaged with so many great people over the years. People who I call upon when needs must, offering guidance, advice, help.

The trials and challenges which have all encountered to varying degrees in life,  reinforce the support network surrounding us. In academia many fret of publications, funding and recognition of self and work – but for me gratitude must rank equally as high. I only hope I replicate the concern and support shown to me, and continue to inspire others on this journey of education and life.

The Role of Gratitude in Higher Education

On Gratitude in Academe



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