Computer Mediated Communication and where to go next with it..

Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) can be defined as the study of how human behaviours are maintained or altered by exchange of information through machines (December 1996). CMC, a form of communication transaction executed using computer networking infrastructure, has rapidly become popular in social interaction (Ang et al., 2015; Sheldon et al., 2011; Walther, 1992).

Motives for using the Internet include interpersonal utility, social utility, social or interpersonal interaction and chatting. Researchers have investigated Internet-based social networking supported by social software, including instant messaging, YouTube, e-mail, social networking sites (SNS) and Internet forums.

CMC can be defined as communicative transactions occurring through the use of two or more networked computers (McQuail, 2005). It is used in many of our lives on a daily basis though the use of email or instant messaging. Nonetheless, generally speaking CMC refers to text-based communication, as this is still dominating the interaction on the internet and text-based technologies are the most interactive.

Understanding how people act in a social setting is influenced by the way people think about and infer meaning from what happens around them (Heider, 1958). Research on person perception, attitudes and behaviour, motivation, and metacognition has shown that people’s beliefs influence their perception of reality and shapes their behaviour (Dweck, 1986; Kruglanski, 2013, Fiske & Taylor, 2013; Furnham, 2013; Igou, 2004; Snyder, 1984).

Therefore how people think about and interact in an online setting, and infer meaning from also needs to be understood more fully. How do people behave in a remote collaboration setting? How are the conditions of computer-mediated communication perceived? How do people think they should behave under these conditions?


Check out research by Nicola Marsden (@nicola_marsden) for further work in this area also!



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