Self Worth


I don’t intend this blog to be hugely personal but the concept of self-worth has crept into my mind lately. What exactly is self worth and how much do I have???

So I guess the intellectual answer is that our self of worth – our compass for correctness, happiness and personal power – is relative to each of us. Its personal and subjective. It isn’t concerned to our material possessions. It isn’t accumulated or accured by our achievements, the people we know, the family we’re born into, the reltionships we form. Its more intrinsic than that, which is why every one of us, regardless of world circumstances can claim it. The factors from which we each derive our sense of worth may vary, but the feeling that emanates as a result or recognising our worth can be understood by all.

Still, while we can intellectually grasp that our feelings, perspectives and expectations can be self-driven, the realities we experience in our everyday lives may suggest differently. Life is a challenge!!! Life is tough!!! Its not easy or even possible to be all things to all people. Under certain circumstances, it may not be easy to acknowledge our worth or validity, let alone assert it!

..nonetheless, if you’re not careful you can be so focused on tryng to prove your worth to someone, you’ll miss the fact that they haven’t shown you anything!


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